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Sheet Music and Instruments

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I have tried very hard to post here only the best links I could find related to folk music, and have tried to jump into sites on the other side of splash pages and such. If you find that is not the case, please let me know, and I will see if I can find a way to vector around them.

Banjo Links

Fiddler Links

Dobro Links

Mandolin Links

Guitar Links

Upright Bass Links

  • Here is a list of links to information on various stringed musical instruments - all kinds of instruments.
  • Bass Archive listserver - The Bass Archive is a gathering of Bassists who want to discuss what's on their minds. Feel free to post whatever you want, as long as its content is appropriate to the list. Hopefully this list will be more of a learning tool, than a place to talk with your friends. The Bass Archive will come to you every business day, Monday through Friday in an environment friendly digest version. So enjoy, and tell others!! To subscribe, send email to majordomo@valinor.eldar.org and in the body of the message, put subscribe bass_archive

Dulcimer Links

Hammered Dulcimer


  • Here is a list of links to information on various stringed musical instruments - all kinds of instruments.
  • Dulcimer Players News (DPN) has guided players, builders, and dulcimer enthusiasts on their musical journey. Devoted to both hammered and fretted dulcimer with tunes, tips for beginners, reviews, instrument care and repair, interviews, festival information, dulcimer history, and more. Quarterly, 52-page issues are mailed to subscribers in January, April, July, and October.

Mountain (Lap) Dulcimer

Miscellaneous Instruments

Luthier Links

  • Not exactly a luthier site - more of a violin accessory site - They sell fiddle parts and accessories worldwide, http://www.muchofinoviolins.org
  • From the great land 'downunder' Ellis Guitars in Willetton, WA (near Perth, Western Australia). Here is an interview with Andrew Ellis in Tradmusic magazine - "... I realised after some time that with my woodworking skills I could build myself a guitar. My goal was to build something I would be proud of and want to play myself. It took me five guitars and every spare minute of time researching to come up with a guitar which I was proud to play. Today I have the same goal - making the best possible guitars for my customers." Services, Guitars, Contact, Email - info (at) ellisguitars (dot) com.
  • Frets.com - an excellent site - "An Acoustic Instrument Textbook for Musicians and Luthiers." - Information on fretted instruments, care, repair, upgrading, accessories, Luthier Technical Q & A, "The Owner's Manual You Didn't Get", Items for Luthiers, Vintage Online Instrument Museum - guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukes, more!, What's New Page.
  • Hoffman Guitars - has an excellent restoration project - a 1908 C.F.Martin 0-17 - documented online, they also have guitar making documented online. This is a frames based site - I can't jump into pages directly. This site is worth it!

Music Links

Lyrics, Recordings, Labels, and Other Resource Links

Instrument Suppliers, etc.

  • Not exactly an instrument supplier - more of a violin accessory site - They sell fiddle parts and accessories worldwide, http://www.muchofinoviolins.org
  • Deal Turtle -- Ethnic and Mid-East instruments dealer. Their central focus is any type of ethnic, world, or middle-eastern music or musical instrument, but They go far beyond that. They are a global dealer of unique and hard to find products and merchandise.
  • Selling Music Instruments. They are a simple to use UK online trading advert site for musicians, instrument manufacturers and traders, where items can be displayed for buyers and sellers to purchase or exchange. Our buy or sell categories cover all musical instruments and accessories.
  • Carousel Publications, Ltd. specializes in making music fun. Here you'll find djembes and talking drums from Africa, doumbeks and tablas from India and Pakistan, gongs and cymbals from China and Indonesia, tambourines and drums from Egypt and Morocco, flutes and ocarinas from South America and China and many more percussion and musical instruments from around the world.
  • Mid-East Mfg., Inc. "Ethnic musical instruments from around the world"

ABC Notation Links

  • The ABC musical notation language is described in detail. "It was designed primarily for folk and traditional tunes of Western European origin (such as English, Irish and Scottish) which can be written on one stave in standard classical notation. However, it is extendible to many other types of music and recently Steve Allen has coded Beethoven's Symphony No. 7, Movement 2 in abc!". Although it may not be very easy.
  • The Fiddler's Companion created by Andrew Kuntz is a huge (>50,000) encyclopedia of fiddle tunes from the Celtic, British and American traditions. Some the tunes (several hundred) are in ABC format.
  • John Chambers' ABC music collection - If that name rings a bell - you have been in Madison a long time! He has a huge collection of folk music (in File, ABC, PS, EPS, GIF, and MIDI formats) from all over the world, a large amount from the Balkans, also a lot of contradance, Irish, Scottish, and other that you might find useful. If you haven't heard about ABC music yet (it is fairly new!) read John's FAQ about ABC Music Notation. It is a simple, transportable music notation system that was developed on the net. It is probably not sophisticated enough to do classical music scores easily, but it seems to work well for folk music. There are Windoze viewers, players, and printers available at his site. His 'Tune Finder' will locate tunes for you so you can retrieve them in - File, ABC, PS, EPS, GIF, or MIDI format. Excellent job John!
  • The ABC2Win program provides a means of translating standard ABC notation into standard musical notation which may be viewed on screen in Microsoft Windows®, and/or printed out. It comes with a player program so you can hear tunes you collect or write yourself. It is shareware - $20. It is an OK program, sample musical staff print out is excellent quality, playing music through the PC speaker is functional, but a little hokey.
  • Another decent ABC program is - AbcMus. It is shareware - current price of version 1.1 - $10.00 (US dollars). It runs under Windoze and will play the music to a midi device with some style, it can automatically add chords, and has other useful features.
  • ABCTools, is a 16-bit Windows program that lets you transpose ABC tunes, make cheat sheets, check the syntax of your tune files, and more. By Elizabeth Scarlett. Freeware?
  • ABCFind a 16-bit Windows program that lets you search ABC tune files for text or tune fragments. You can look for tune titles (or any text string) in your ABC files, search for tunes if you know the first (or any) bar of the music but not the title, compare tunes, and more. By Elizabeth Scarlett. Freeware?
  • abc2ps - A program from Michael Methfessel, which converts from ABC to postscript directly, for various platforms - Unix, Mac, DOS, Windows 95, NT. For Widows you will need to get Ghostscript and GhostView to be able to view/print postscript.
  • Links to ABC music, and fiddle music
  • A large list of Links to ABC music.
  • Free Sheet Music - links to free sheet music from freesheetmusic.net, much of it is in ABC format

Other Useful Music and Audio Tools (Software)

  • Musician's CD-Player for Windows from Roni Music in Sweden - speed up or slow down wave files, and CD music without changing pitch. Excellent for practicing along, or for learning or teaching dances. They also have other nice shareware audio and midi software for Windoze and Atari
  • Syntrillum Software - the makers of CoolEdit - a Windoze software package for editing all types of wave files, signal processing abilities include noise removal, speed up/slowdown waveforms with or without changing pitch, FFT filtering, cue lists, play lists, crossfade splicing, plus more. Shareware. Ver 2000 is $69, upgrade from Ver 96 is $29
  • Metronome by Nick Baciu is shareware $9, it will do irregular rhythms (9/16, 11/16, etc)
  • CDex is a is utility which can record Digital Audio (DA) tracks from CD into files. The recorded audio tracks can be stored as WAV or MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3) files. Freeware
  • Go!Zilla - Adverware(no charge)/Shareware($30) Automate your downloads - nice, powerful - especially nice for downloading lots of ABC files at one time. You can "leech" an entire FTP directory.
  • Spectrogram by R.S. Horne - Freeware - display spectrogram of sound coming into your PC's microphone.
  • Frequency Analyzer A Windoze sound frequency (spectrum) analyzer, Freeware. Needs a sound card, and a microphone.
  • Tuner - A Windoze "guitar" tuner, Freeware. Needs a sound card, and a microphone.
  • NoteCard is a Freeware music-reading drill utility for Windows. Comes in 16 and 32 bit versions. It's an ideal tool for anyone in the first stages of learning to read music. It can significantly shorten the time it takes to learn to recognize the notes instantly, an absolutely necessary ability for fluent reading. Practice the bass staff, the treble staff, or both at once, Three input modes, including piano keyboard style, Detailed on-line help. If you are new to downloading they have a short tutorial to help you.
  • WinAmp - I got it from TUCOWS - "An outstanding MP3 (Mpeg Layer-3) audio player. Includes spectrum analyzer, graphic equalizer, playlists, and more! You can rewind and fast-forward the files by its handy bar at the bottom. Great user-interface!" Freeware.
  • Shareware Music Machine - "The World's Biggest Music Software Site" - Definitely check this out if you are into music or audio. Plenty of tools here.
  • Transkriber SLOW DOWN the music without changing the pitch using your computer!
  • Windows Annoyances a site devoted to coping with Windows annoying "features".

Folk Music on the Web


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