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Note: You can almost always find more information on these bands and musicians at the Folk Lib Index - it is a wonderful site - be sure to keep it in mind. Also be sure to checkout Musi-Caltm - the Musical Calendar of the 'Intire Net' for more bands and musicians.

If you are a southern Wisconsin, northern Illinois Acoustic/Traditional/Folk Music Band or Musician, you can email the Wild Hog Webmaster, Ron McCabe, to put a link here to your web page and/or your email address, please include a few line synopsis of what you do. I would also be willing to include an abbreviated schedule, if you would commit to consistently emailing me with new schedules.

  • Tom Kastle has spent over two decades "on the road" and "on the water" as a singer, tall ship sailor, songwriter, and teller of tales. As half of the maritime folk duo Tom & Chris Kastle, he toured throughout the United States as well as Ireland, Scotland, Poland, the Netherlands, and New Zealand delighting audiences and producing 11 recordings plus a soundtrack for PBS (WTTW Chicago). After taking most of a year off to captain a tall ship in South Haven, MI, Tom has relocated to Madison, WI and is releasing his first solo CD, "Across the Centerline". www.myspace.com/tomkastle
  • Nelson Graham plays at the Wild Hog in the Woods "now and then" www.nelsongraham.com ". He is songwriter/singer/guitarist, and plays folk country grassroots music.  (A variety of American styles.)  There is a lot of info, feedback, and reviews on his music at the web site.  
  • Ellen and John Wright are faculty members at Northwestern University who play and sing old time music. He is the author of "Traveling the High Way Home: Ralph Stanley and the World of Traditional Bluegrass Music"; she is working on an as-told-to biography of Roni Stoneman, "First Lady of Banjo" and 20-year star of "Hee-Haw."
    • "We sing songs we've known so long we can't remember not knowing them," the Wrights say. "In part it was our families, in part it was our schools, in part it was America that taught us these songs." Though they have never attempted a scientific survey of the question, it appears that this lifetime acquaintance with their material is shared by most of their audience-and of course this is just what the Wrights are aiming at when they put their shows together.
    • John Wright, Classics Dept., Northwestern University, Evanston IL 60208-2200; http://cdbaby.com/cd/wrightje
  • BILL SARGENT BANDS - from Milwaukee Wisconsin, has an international reputation for quality music & entertainmentConventions, . Performing for Concerts, Weddings, Festivals, Fundraisers, Corporate Events, General Entertainment, Ethnic, Jewish and Christian Events. We specialize in Swing, Jazz (Traditional, Dixieland and Straight-Ahead), Big Band, Ballroom, Variety and Christian Music. Bill Sargent Bands
    • "They're the tightest, most solid ensemble of expert musicians Milwaukee may ever see. Sargent shines . . ." - The Milwaukee Journal.
    • BILL SARGENT BANDS was founded in 1982 and has gained an international reputation for quality music and entertainment.
    • They specialize in Swing, Jazz (Traditional, Dixieland and Straight-Ahead), Big Band, Ballroom, Variety and Christian Music. For more information on their musical "range" go to BANDS.
    • Their line-up includes an 18-piece Big Band with 4 vocalists, a Dixieland Band and Small Groups including Quartets, Trios, Duos and Soloists. They also have a Christian Dixieland Jazz Band & other Gospel Bands. Information on the VARIOUS BANDS can be found on their BANDS page.
  • The Red Star Express is local Wisconsin bluegrass/folk band performing at all traditional public venues, and is comprised of eight members, featuring traditional bluegrass, old-time, country and folk music. In addition to time-honored standards the band plays original music, offering fiddle, mandolin, guitar, banjo, bass, dobro and harmonica as instrumentation. Annually, the band hosts the Jumpin' Jambalaya Jamfest, a one-day indoor bluegrass festival at Cedar Lake Resort, near Kiel, WI. Open acoustic jam from 2-4 p.m. Bands from 4:30 to 12:30 p.m. Featuring outstanding jambalaya and red beans 'n rice dishes on the side. This year's Jamfest will be April 5, 2003. For more information, call 920-894-2828 or email - mike@redstarexpress.com Web site - www.redstarexpress.com.
  • The Cajun Strangers - Cajun Music from Madison Wisconsin, their schedule - http://www.cajunstrangers.com/sched.html, Contact - music@cajunstrangers.com
  • Jeff and Inna Larsen - Inna Larsen is the Author of Heartstrings, a historical romance, and A Timeless Tune, available from Port Town Publishing. Check out their web page http://www.geocities.com/jeffinnakari. Book Jeff for solo jazz guitar or book Nordmusikk for Norwegian folk music - (Inna Larsen - Hardanger Fiddle, Jeff Larsen - Guitar) Check out Jeff's musical, Spirits of St. Paul, a story about Norwegian immigrants in 1920s.  CD soundclips on web site.
  • The Last Gaspé contra dance band.
  • Rattletrap String Band - contra dance and bluegrass band. Members - Steve Holmes, Debbie Kmetz, Dave Sample, Bill Miller, Mike Mossman, Ken Rineer. Contacts - (608)257-1011, (608)764-5267, (608)257-2966.
  • Moldy Jam - "From Dane County's longest running jam session has emerged Moldy Jam, a not-too-shabby, toe-tapping, old-timey string band. Based out of Madison, Wisconsin, Moldy Jam can now be heard at square and contra dances in and around Dane County."
  • Dark of the Moon Contra-Band - A women's band, playing waltzes, jigs, reels, and polkas for any occasion. Caller provided if dancing is desired. Contact - Mary (608)238-7904 or Bonnie (608)255-7713
  • KG & the Ranger cowboy western music, western swing and yodeling (in harmony!), with cowboy humor and rope tricks. They are the 1999 Western Music Association Harmony Yodeling Champions! And the 2nd Place winners of the 1999 NTCMA Mid-America Harmony Singing Championship. And the 1999 1st and 2nd Place winners in the Patsy Montana Days Talent Round-Up in Pineville, Missouri - Ranger Rick took first place, by dancing a square dance with his spinning lariat as his partner! KG won second place in the same contest playing her banjo. KG also took third place in the Patsy Montana yodeling contest. Here is their schedule.
  • Harmonious Wail acoustic jazz, swing, American jazz, and contemporary folk tunes.
  • Northern Shovelers - Members - Mark Kreitzer, Sims Delaney-Potthoff, Shelia Voss, Bill Gray.
  • Lou and Peter Berryman's Home page. Madison's Own! One way to describe them is - "Very eccentric, very funny satirical songs", "unfailingly wacky, and just as dependably 100% right." Here are some friendly comments about them by some VERY BIG names. Their new CD "House Concert" (along with other stuff) is now available at - Spruce Tree Music, 851 East Johnson (608)255-2254; B-Side Records, 436 State St. (608)255-1977; and Sam Goody in the Hilldale Mall, 702 N Midvale Blvd., # 155, Madison, WI 53705, (608)233-0034. CD's and song books are also available at Lou and Peter's web site - http://members.aol.com/berrymanp/ sources.html. Haven't seen them since before the Club de Wash burned down?? Check out the Berryman Finder.
  • Whither Zither Column Archives from the Madison Folk Music Society's Newsletter - the world famous Peter Berryman's look at the musical universe.
  • "Since 1981, Stuart Stotts has been delighting audiences with his songs, stories, humor and participatory performances. He travels throughout the Midwest, (and sometimes farther,) giving over 200 performances a year. He performs for school assemblies, community organizations, family events, adult audiences, elders, conferences and professionals in the aging and education fields. His songs have been recorded by artists from around the country, including Ronnie Gilbert, Holly Near, the Chenille Sisters, Tom Hunter, Second Opinion and Two of a Kind. His most well-known song is probably Music in My Mother's House, recorded over twenty five times, by solo artists, groups, and even choirs. Other somewhat well-known songs include World Citizen, Jennifer Montgomery [ed. - one of my favorites] and Just One More Book.
  • Ken Lonnquist is a singer/songwriter from Madison. "He's known as a folk artist-about-town and children's storyteller. Lonnquist, a native of Lincoln, Nebraska, has lived in Madison for the last 28 years, in that time producing seven albums, plus five albums especially for kids and a video songbook, Sing Songs, for the hearing-impaired. Tunes range from the whimsical to the PC, but the music is never condescending. And for a real holiday treat, catch him around town in his delightful family musical, "The Legend of Old Befana." ".
  • Piper Road Spring Band "...have blended Irish fiddle tunes with American country, big band, novelty and space-aged Grateful Dead inspired jams."
  • Jeffrey Foucault hales from Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin and lives just a few blocks from the Cafe Carpé. His music has been described as - "Original Compositions Of Good Substance." His music is inspired by the likes of - Townes Van Zandt, Mulvey, Prine, and Taylor. He is a substitute teacher and does tutoring on the side.
  • Cork 'n Bottle String Band is an eight, sometimes ten, member bluegrass ensemble. "...reflection on (the now legendary liquor store 'bluegrass basement jams') the innocence and soul-stirring genesis of those 'bluegrass basement jams' reminds one of a simpler time: '...though fame and fortune now knocks at our door, we will always be the 'basement of bluegrass'...".
  • The Nob Hill Boys "sing about old country churches where they have never worshipped, little cabin homes where they never lived, and broken love affairs that they've probably never had. But their ability to perform such material with conviction, affection, and authenticity explains why they have built a loyal and expanding audience in their relatively short history."
  • The SpareTime Bluegrass Band "...the band gathers material from traditional sources, Madison area song writers, and their own original material... This band specializes in contagious fun! They like the audience to sing along, dance and, most of all, be ready to laugh when SpareTime gets fired up."
  • Twang City Bluegrass takes the classic bluegrass instrumentation, tempers it with the rootsy sound of country blues and hillbilly music, adds in lots of harmony singing and a generous twist of good-time fun. The group features some of Madison's best-known players. Members - Chris Powers, Jeff Brown, Fil Kennedy, Glen Raymond.
  • Small Potatoes - "Skillful instrumentation, tight harmonies, great songs, huge variety of material - it's all here. Rich Prezioso's guitar artistry is impeccable, and Jacquie Manning's alto weaves a rich tapestry of folk, blues, jazz, swing, Celtic, and country. Add Rich's voice and mandolin, Jacquie's guitar, whistles, bodhran, and percussion toys, plus their sense of humor and Small Potatoes eclectic repertoire unfolds. They breathe a new life into traditional material, write songs that belong in coffeehouses, concert halls, and on the radio, and they spellbind audiences with their dynamic performances."
  • Eric Heister plays original alternative acoustic music with an upbeat attitude and an offbeat edge, Eric has won the 1997 Portland Songwriters Association "Songwriter of the Year" award and is currently a finalist for this year's award!  Previously a ball-bearing salesman, this now famed musician will provide soul moving and soul captivating music.  Contact - (608)250-3256
  • Dave Stoddard on piano and guitar, Dave delights audiences with folk, blues, and jazz based piano.  He has commonly been compared to Randy Newman and Loudon Wainwright III.  At any given time in the last seven years, Dave has played in the following types of bands:  bluegrass, blues, jazz, country, and heavy metal. 
  • Emily Melcher is a veteran performer, a singer, songwriter and guitarist with a warm, powerful voice, extraordinary sensitivity to lyrics and a confident, easy performance style. She'll move you to laughter and tears with her personal and thought-provoking originals, sensitive renditions of folk style ballads, passionate interpretations of love songs, and acclaimed translations of Swedish troubadour songs.
  • Lee Murdock - Great Lakes & Maritime Music. To listen to Lee Murdock's music is to visualize the long deck of an iron ore freighter being rocked by malevolent waves, to join in singing a Great Lakes adaptation of a deepwater shanty, to nurture a love for an isolated shoreline, or to chill to a ghost story, or legend in song.
  • Lisa Johnson is a singer/song writer with a beautiful and intricate guitar style that accompanies her rich vocals and insightful lyrics. She also plays some tunes on autoharp and bowed psaltery. Lisa performs original, traditional, and contemporary folk songs. Some of her favorite song writers include Bill Staines, Stan Rodgers, James Keelaghan, and Eileen McGann.
  • Jim Schwall [ed. - can anyone help me here?]
  • Dave Fallow [ed. - can anyone help me here?]
  • Art Paul Schlosser - Here are some samples of his work.
  • Chris Powers [ed. - can anyone help me here?]
  • Lis Harvey
  • Tim Hoger [ed. - can anyone help me here?]
  • James Travis [ed. - can anyone help me here?]
  • Tracy Comer a native of Wilmington, NC now living in Madison, WI, is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter with a varied musical background that includes classical, folk, rock, show tunes, choral music, early music, and more. Tracy's original songs are introspective acoustic creations subtly flavored by those musical experiences. After years of training and emphasis on classical music, Tracy is now enjoying a focus on contemporary and traditional folk music. She currently performs as a guitar/vocal soloist, sharing her original songs along with covers of artists such as Dar Williams, Cheryl Wheeler, and Shawn Colvin. Tracy is also a a member of the trio Sticky Fingers (with Damon Bourne and Michael Bryant) which performs traditional folk, fiddle and pipe arrangements as well as new instrumental and vocal creations by group members. In Sticky Fingers Tracy plays guitar, cello, and hammered dulcimer, and a bit of fiddle, with Michael and Damon on guitars and mandolin. She also plays with Alchemy (with Mary Driscoll and Faye Bruggink), an instrumental ensemble which plays new interpretations of Early music and traditional folk melodies.
  • Sticky Fingers focuses on Celtic, traditional folk, and original pieces. As a trio, we push each other in our creative expression as collaborative members of a group and as soloists. Writing and arranging music for an acoustic trio is challenging and rewarding as we enjoy knocking ideas around and experimenting with new instruments and sounds to make interesting and satisfying music.
  • Richard Fallow [ed. - can anyone help me here?]
  • Buffalo Trail - formed 1992, members - Glenn Gourley, Nelson Graham - Discography from the Folk Lib Index. Contact - Buffalo Trail Productions, 5114 Buffalo Trail, Madison, WI - (608) 238-8847 - gourley@waisman.wisc.edu
  • Art Stevenson & High Water (here is another blurb from SWBMAI) is a traditional bluegrass band from the heart of Wisconsin. Their CD "Dusty Boxcar Wall" has won the 1998 Crossroads Gold Star Bluegrass Music Award. They play every Wednesday night at the Northland Ballroom, Hwy 49 between Rosholt & Iola, WI, (at Junction of Hwy 49 and CTH C, 8-11 pm; (715)457-4720; Its Free!. Here is their schedule from their website. Contact - Art Stevenson, 2958 County Highway G, Junction City, WI 54443, (715)457-4720, highwatr@coredcs.com. Art is also, organizing the Northland Music Festival. The First Annual festival was held Aug. 26, 2000, contact Art for more information and/or check the events on the SWBMAI website. Here is an article about the First Annual Northland Music Festival from the Portage County Gazette (it looks like a winner). For more information, visit the Northland Bluegrass Festival website, or contact them by email! http://www.highwatermusic.com/northlandBGFest.htmVisit Art Stevenson & High Water at their website:http://www.highwatermusic.com/
  • Generations of Mazomanie, Wisconsin. Share in the warmth and enthusiasm of this charming mother-daughter duo of Holly and her mom, Candy. They offer an upbeat warm mix of folk music accompanied by an assortment of instruments including guitar, and Celtic harp, featuring "pitch perfect" young Holly as the lead vocalist. Their songs range from ridiculously playful to stunningly beautiful and they fill their program with harmony vocals and interactive musical frolic; in short they provide ideal family entertainment. Over the five years since they've been performing professionally, they have produced two highly acclaimed audio recordings of songs for the family entitled Dream Maker, and Lift Me, both 1998 recipients of Parent's Guide Children's Media and Parent's Choice national awards! See WisconsinMade.com to order CD's.
  • Outskirts Trio, including Candace Kreitlow with Vicki Mecozzi (AKA Bergan Riley) & Corinne Rockow, performing both harmony vocals & sparkling instrumentals on Celtic harp, hammered dulcimer, flute, guitar, banjo, bass, penny whistle, & whatever else fits into the studio! See WisconsinMade.com to order CD's. Note: Outskirts is on hiatus since Corinne moved to the U.P.
  • Heartwood - Displaying a strong Celtic/Appalachian flair, Heartwood performs traditional and contemporary American and British Isles folk music, as well as an abundance of original material. Though folk in nature, Heartwood's music has a classic and elegant sound enjoyed by groups of all ages, and can be catered to fit a variety of programs as a concert or as background music. Because of their unusual assortment of instruments, which include Celtic harp, lap and hammered dulcimer, guitar, fiddle and vocals, Heartwood adds a unique quality to any gathering. See WisconsinMade.com to order CD's. You can find a schedule for them at Katie Waldren's website - this is a frames based site - you may have to manually click on For Your Information to get to their schedule. Contact - Heartwood Productions, Box 113 Mazomanie, WI 53560, (608)795-4680.
  • Mike and Amy Finders (pronounced finn'duhrs). They play their own tunes, as well as classics from their favorite folk, blues and bluegrass artists. Her voice has turned many a head, and he's the second-best flat-picker in Galena.  They sing together like they're related or something. They are located in Galena, IL and are full time musicians.
  • Voices of Peace from eastern Wisconsin perform "The finest in Southern Gospel Music". They are available for Concerts, Churches, Campgrounds, Dinners, Fund Raisers, Retreats / Resorts, Tour Groups, Parties, Retirement Villages, Festivals, Fairs, Conventions, Bible Camps. For Bookings Call - Tom at (920) 853-3352 or Bud at (920) 756-3830, also feel free to contact them via e-mail - voicesofpeace@tds.net. They have been a complete band since Decmber 1997 and they've created their own style of music, combining country and bluegrass. In November 1998 they completed their first CD/video.
  • Far From Home - is a quartet of musicians specializing in dance tunes, songs, and airs from across the Celtic world. "The source of their musical inspiration and repertoire can be found primarily in the long-standing but still vital dance and vocal traditions of Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, and Galicia."
  • Public House Ceili Band - "plays straight-ahead traditional Irish dance music... Their extensive repertoire and mastery of style and technique generate a high-energy rhythm that elevates ceilis and the newly popular set dances into a genuine experience of craic. Band members - Dan Cobb: banjo, Dave Delgado: wooden flute, tin whistle, Bob Newton: octave mandolin, bouzouki, Alan Ng: fiddle."
  • Rolliana Scheckler - "is an award-winning singer and player of Celtic harp who specializes in music from the ancient Celtic traditions, especially of Ireland, Scotland and Wales, dance tunes from medieval and renaissance periods and European and American art music, both past and present. She performs from the heart, often using her own arrangements, improvisations and original compositions."
  • The Snug - "is a Madison, Wisconsin trio which performs traditional Irish dance music and airs on authentic acoustic instruments. Whether as feature concert artists or as musicians for ceilidh dances (Irish social dancing), they concentrate on both the hauntingly beautiful airs from the vocal tradition and the infectious, driving dance tunes from the traditional music sessions where the The Snug was formed."
  • The Stone Ring (formally known as Standing Stones Celtic Band) is a five member band based in Madison, Wisconsin.They play traditional Celtic music on acoustic instruments. Their three singers have a huge repertoire of Irish and Scottish ballads, war songs, rebel songs and drinking songs, and have performed at Milwaukee's Irish Fest, Highland Games, at the Irish Cultural Heritage Center and in concert halls all over the Midwest.
  • Navan is a Celtic vocal group from Madison, Wisconsin singing in the languages of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany, Cornwall and the Isle of Man. Contact: Síle Shigley sile@navan.org, 608-244-7849.
  • Rocky Road - Dan Lickel, 5 Hallows Circle, Madison, WI 53704, (608)241-2545.
  • Rosewood Moct - Based in Madison, Wisconsin - performs Ethnic Folk music bridging continents, cultures and genres. Russian and American folk songs and instrumentals, old-timey fiddle tunes, swing, bluegrass and music from Ireland and Cape Breton are all part of Rosewood Moct's continuously evolving repertoire. Contact - (608)240-3529, (608)238-8847, rosewood@thetallguy.com. Glenn Gourley - fiddle, vocals; Natasa Gourley - piano, bandura, vocals; Steve Tesmer - guitar, vocals, Bill Kreamer - sound engineer.
  • Yid Vicious ..."plays a fairly traditional brand of klezmer. We fuse it with fragments from our individual musical backgrounds. Klezmer has always evolved by absorbing elements of the music around it, consciously or not... Our ensemble includes clarinet, fiddle, trumpet, flugabone, baritone horn, accordion, percussion, guitar, and electrified bass." Contact - Daithi Wolfe, (608)257-6994.
  • Szászka performs village dance music from Transylvania and Hungary for events and workshops in the Midwestern U.S.  The band was founded in Madison, Wisconsin in 1996.
  • Our friends from the Reptile Palace Orchestra "delight concert goers with their original mixing of East and West, Funk and Folk and skin-shedding torch tunes. Gypsy Rock? Traditional toe-twisters? Balkan Lounge Funk? There's a lizard trying to fit into a pigeonhole. Elvis + Armenia + Funkadelic + Bulgaria = RPO."
  • Walkin' Jim Stoltz - Jim has backpacked 24,000 miles in the last 20 years, along the way writing songs and photographing America's wild places. You won't want to miss this fascinating multi-media event! He is known far and wide as Walkin' Jim, sings his songs with a definite sense of having been there. Indeed, he has. It all began innocently enough, walking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. That was in 1974. After a year and a half spent walking from the Atlantic to the Pacific, folks just naturally started referring to him as "Walkin' Jim."
  • Joel Mabus - One of my all time favorites. Why he is not hugely famous is beyond me.





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