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Primary Business Contacts

Mailing Address:

The Wild Hog in the Woods
953 Jenifer Street
Madison, WI 53703

Phone Numbers and email links:

  • For general information, call Mr. Kim Genich at 608-233-5687.
  • Performers, to schedule a gig, call Lisa Johnson at 608-442-5753 .
  • Volunteers, to schedule an evening to help, call Lisa Johnson at 608-204-0304.


Other Contacts

Note: all phone numbers are Area Code 608, unless otherwise specified.

Title Name/Email Phone
High Hog (President) Johanna Fabke 838-3112
Treasurer Tom Gross 798-4999 h,   347-5154 c
Secretary Kim Genich 233-5687

Other Contacts:
Note: all phone numbers are Area Code 608, unless otherwise specified.

What Who/Email Phone

Coffeehouse Operations
Volunteer Coordinator: Lisa Johnson 442-5753
Event Coordinators:   Kim Genich 233-5687
Ben Doran 251-6429
Ron Dennis 226-9472
Warren Gordon 244-2330
Musician Booking Lisa Johnson 442-5753
Baking Coordinators: Ben Doran 251-6429
Chris Hoag 244-8060
Beverage Inventory Ben Doran 251-6429

Membership Johanna Fabke 838-3112

Communications: Newsletter, Posters, Press and Publicity
Newsletter Editor Ramona Makos  
Newsletter Blurb Writers Tom Gross 798-4999 h,   347-5154 c
Kim Genich 233-5687
Newsletter Mailing List Johanna Fabke 838-3112
Prep & Mailing Christina Rose 843-7685
Posters Lisa Johnson 204-0304
Posterer Kim Genich 233-5687
Publicity/Press Ramona Makos 244-8373
Web Site Jamie Poindexter 497-0479

Sound: Operations, Maintanance & Training
Sound Equipment Maintanance Ron Dennis 226-9472
Sound Trainers: Ron Dennis 226-9472
Jamie Poindexter 497-0479
Sound Operators:    Tom Dettinger 274-3132
Warren Gordon  
Kim Genich 233-5687
Tom Gross 798-4999 h,   347-5154 c
Ron Dennis 226-9472
Joe Loesch 256-3799



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